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The Sun "City" column has, today October 14th 2000, profiled the Chief Executive of Halifax PLC.

The article states that he; "realises that banks, including Halifax have had a bad image. It's an impression he is determined to change."

The article then goes on to quote him as saying; "Arrogance and complacency have no place in the Halifax. We are very keen to ensure our brand is the most-obviously customer friendly."

The article also states that his number one of top ten tips is;"If things aren't right, say so. It is foolish to pretend all is perfect when it is'nt"

Some very informative quotes for all Halifax mortgage shortfall victims and definitely worth bearing in mind for the future don't you think?

-- Tony Hayter (, October 14, 2000


Very profound statements by the Chief Executive of the Halifax !

Let's see if he ensures his words are put into actions, or is he all talk and PR like the Abbey National and last week's statement on shortfalls ?

Or is HE actually a man of his word ?

Man or mouse ?

-- Vic Harper (, October 14, 2000.

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