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In my experience with noticeboards and chat pages etc., there are quite a lot of people who `lurk`, for want of a better word! I know, because I `lurked` for about six months on a football related BBS, before I plucked up the courage to post! I was daft to wait so long - it has been great fun, given me loads of confidence, and new friends. The beauty of the password protected boards, like this one, is that it keeps non-genuine posters out, and gives you confidence that you are talking to like-minded people.

So come on folks, any of you who just pop in for a quick read, take the plunge and lets us have your views too!!! The more the merrier.


-- Anonymous, October 14, 2000


Hi Patricia and welcome!

I too use the Bakalo site all the time. It is excellent, informative and very innovative. Sue is a really `whizz` when it comes to the design of her site. I have to say, she is often my first port of call when I want information or help. I was careful when setting up this site not to double up on any of the Shih-Tzu News facilities.

If you take the time to look through some of the old threads, you will see that there have been some really interesting discussions. All forums get a bit stale if there are just a few people contributing, so the more new people we can get interested the better!

I look forward to your continued involvement. (:o)

-- Anonymous, August 10, 2001

Hi I just found this site following your email i didnt know it existed,what a shame, i have been going into the bakalo site for a long time now and have been looking for more.thanks for emailing me and forwarding the pasword i now hope to take an active part.

-- Anonymous, August 09, 2001

Thanks for the welcome Roz ill take your advice and look at the threads and see whats gone before then hopefully i wont duplicate topics previously discussed Pat

-- Anonymous, August 16, 2001

.....unlike me Pat, who has just welcomed you yet again on another thread! Doh!!! Well my excuse is that it is 6.30 am. and I`m not fully awake.(:o)

-- Anonymous, August 17, 2001

Hi, Ive just returned from holiday and there dosnt seem to have been any contributions to this list since prior to my departure. where is everyone?

-- Anonymous, September 14, 2001

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