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I just got inspired and got a Konica Autoreflex T3 SLR, and I looked everywhere for Konica information on the internet... as you probally know, there isn't much. This site here is probally the best I found.

Anyways, I run a Photography Blue Book web site and compiled all I could on Konica.. discriptions, prices (MSRP, Used, Street, Auctions) and put them all in one spot for you. Take a look:

The Photography Blue Book

-- Anonymous, October 14, 2000


the site really doesn't cut mustard

I checked this "blue book" site out. Was very disappointed in the "commercialism" and it just copied all the reviews/specs that were listed on this site.

what a waste.

paul. (

-- Anonymous, October 25, 2000

Gez, thanks.

Well, as you probally know being a full blooded Konica SLR user like myself, there just is NOT a lot of information on the whole internet to put down for those who do not know what Konica is.

Yes, I have used every source of Konica information that I think is accurate on the internet I could find in the 5 weeks of looking, and yes, that included some information off of this site as well. (please note, it will be citied as per MLA version 4 internet sources guide). So, I just could not go to the Konica site and get Hexanon lens info, it just does not exist, and since I could not "make up" information, where you surprised?

Other sources included about 5 other Konica sites, a few 1977 magazines and eBay/Yahoo information, so it isn't a copy, it is a citied complation.

Reguardless what your opinion of the site is, it has helped hundreds of schools out with its information, discriptions, prices and photos. I get mail from all over the world (over 63 countries) telling me how useful the information is. I think that you might be happy knowing that there is another source created for Konica information on the internet.

Other than that we are not a commercial site. It is a personal site, I spend 100's of hours myself doing this for people like you all over the world. I am currently trying to make $10 a month to afford a better no-ad server (shoot me).

So please don't slam something before you look at all the sides.

Mike The Photography Blue Book

The Photography Blue Book.

-- Anonymous, October 31, 2000

Sorry, I was out of line, didn't mean to get PO'ed at you. :(

Sorry about that, I was out of line there and I didn't mean to get PO'ed by your comments. I had another person out of the 43,000 that have visited my site in the past 2 months flame me for not citing every little detail on my web pages and I am still a little sensitive about it. I have almost everything citied except the newest stuff (like the Konica section).

As for the commercialism, ya I have a few "want to advertise here" ads up, but I really am just trying to make a few bucks to improve the server I am using. Since it is a free site, I have it on a free server, and as such, has ads.

I am proud to have something up for Konica amongst all the other popular lenses and cameras out there. I know people look at the section and you know, it just helps all us Konica SLR users in the end. :)

Mike LePard Photography Blue Book

-- Anonymous, October 31, 2000

no you weren't out of line

i don't want to start a flame here... you weren't out of line. of course you are entitled to say what you feel, mike. maybe i should not have been so sharp in my comment.

it was just that my immediate reaction to looking at the konica pages ( i admit i didn't look at anything else) was that the reviews were exact copies in many cases of those i found here and elsewhere. this put me off a bit, to be quite frank. citing a reference (and link to the external site) i think would be an important requirement.

take care, paul.

-- Anonymous, October 31, 2000

Big Smile again. :)

Thanks Paul for the message. I just got another flame from someone else that didn't like all the "commercialism" of the pop-up ads on my site (even though for now they have to be there because I am using a free server, infact I told them that many times...) and I'm still in someones kill-book for something that isn't anything to do with my site at all (my web redirection service ((it was free too)) was taken down due to spamming and thus all my links go to a "generic" anti-spam page that got slapped on and it looks like it was me, and it wasn't).

I am trying my best, and I am sorry I haven't gotten around to citing my sources for Konica, I promise it will be done asap. Being the only person doing The Photography Blue Book web site is hard. There is just so much work to be done here and there all the time, plus always added new sections and lenses. I just added Promaster and Samsung Cameras and Lenses sections.

As for citing my sources. I found a university quality refernce on the internet about doing just this. Here is what they generally look like on my site:

1. Sigma Photo (2000). Zoom Lenses. Sigma Photo-Lenses- Zoom- Ultra Wide (19. Oct. 2000)

2. Sigma Photo (2000). News. Sigma News Gallery-Sigma introduces. (19. Oct. 2000)

It is an important requirement I believe as well. I am glad I am actually going though a doing it, it is a lot of hard work to do. I know the vast majority of internet sites don't go to this lenght to do it, but maybe I can set an example eh? :)

Been great chatting with you Paul. Say, what do you have in the way of Konica gear?

Mike Photography Blue Book Photography Blue Book

-- Anonymous, November 02, 2000

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