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If you need any advice check the board. Their is some on the the Tactics section and Uncatergorized section. I believe their is a website listed on the board for advice on archmage. Or simply ask for it on the board.

A word of warning always check a mages status before you attack him. That way you know if you are powerful enough to do so and how you should best do so. He might also be ally so remember to check his status.

Also beware of the baiting tactic. As you know you can only attack mage that has at least 80 percent of your power level. Some mages tend to lower their power by different methods in order attack some one of lower rating then raise back their power level. Then when you retialate, they can counter back even though they could have a more than 20 percent more power rating over you.

Alway check status of the mage you are attacking!!!

-- Anonymous, October 13, 2000

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