What are the Benefits for Grady Students?

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1. Grady students participate in new Technology.

2. Grady Students learn benefits,limits, and problems in using and managing web based information.

3. Grady students learn new on-line journalism.

4. Grady students can show-off web skills and class projects to the Grady community and to the "world."

5. Grady students learns responsibility of reporting for a right-now, world wide communications media.

6. Grady students have archive of events, resources.

7. Grady students learn and demonstrate marketable skills

-- Terry Kearns (gradyproject@aol.com), October 13, 2000


This is a test.

This is a bold test

-- Terry Kearns (pthkdym@al.com), March 18, 2001.

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