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Anyone know how to add a file or files to the root directory of a VCD, preferably using VideoPack 4?

VideoPack seems to only allow VCD compliant files to be burned to the CD. I'd like to add an ini file that will autoplay the .dat (mpg) file on the VCD when inserted into a PC. When I try to add this file later (using another CD burning software), the PC can no longer play the .dat file, even if I double click it! It sees the file, it just can't play it.

I assume this is because I have added another session to the disk.

-- Leebo (, October 12, 2000



If you use nero, or vcdimager (freeware) you can add additional files to the disk. The only limitation is that the files cannot be in one of the standard directories, but you can use the root directory as well.

Chaeers Eric

-- eric (, October 12, 2000.

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