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Just to start this off and until the full report is prepared, I thought most people would be quite interested in knowing what happened in Ikaria this summer. Any contributions from those who participated?

PS: If no one writes anything, I'll be very embarrassed :)

-- Paris Deligiannakis (pd97@doc.ic.ac.uk), October 12, 2000


Because the Ikaros Chess Festival clashed (as usual) with the Greek Team Championships, the first part of the Festival (11-14 July) was poorly attended. Petros was clear winner of the Junior tournament; Martin took it easy - he only needed to finish in the top 33% to get free accommodation for the whole of the Festival. Scratch teams were formed to beef up the Team Tournament, but without last year's Bulgarian teams we had an easy time winning. Most players (including several IMs and a handful of GMs) arrived on Friday 14th in time for a Blitz Tournament which Barry was persuaded to organise - I don't have the results. The key event of the Festival (which Enrique was unable to stay for) was the 9-round FIDE-rated Open Tournament, a single section of 128 players. A strange interpretation of "accelerated pairings" catapulted some weakies like Barry with 2/2 into pairings with IMs in round 3! The tournament was extended by one day, so Martin had to miss the last round. (Joel and Sonya left early to get back to Athens for a cheap charter flight.)

With travel subsidised by the Union and accommodation coming free from the Junior or Team Tournament wins, it proved to be a very cheap holiday indeed. (The ever-generous tournament organiser insisted on paying Barry's air fare for his help in running the Open. He also arranged for his son to take Martin to the other side of the island to catch the infrequent ferry back to Athens.) Games took place in the evening, leaving the afternoon for lounging on the beach. There a music festival in the town square, and traditional dancing at the saint's-day celebration. The local pizzeria gave Joel and Sonya a free meal on their last evening in return for their regular custom.

JUNIOR TOURNAMENT (11-14 July): 1st Petros Wallden 4/5 4th= Martin Taylor 3.5

WOMENS' TOURNAMENT (11-14 July): 2nd Sonya Ridden 2/3

TEAM RAPIDPLAY TOURNAMENT (11-14 July): match points game points Imperial College 4.5 14 Veterans 4 12.5 Team With No Name 2.5 11.5 Halkida 2.5 9.5 Piraikos 1.0 6.0 Ikaria 0.5 6.5

OPEN TOURNAMENT (15-23 July): 13th= Petros Wallden 6/9 23rd= Martin Taylor 5.5/8 90th= Barry Gale 3.5/9 121st= Joel Bird 1.5/5 123rd= Sonya Ridden 1/5


-- Barry Gale (barry.gale@ic4life.net), October 25, 2000.

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