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I was finally able to successfully create an SVCD last night and it played in my DVD player as well. There was one problem though, I can't use the fast forward (search) function. For some strange reason, if I click on the search function, it only displays about 13 seconds of the 35 minute video and it will just loop round and round. If I just let the SVCD play, it will play fine throughout the entire movie. Can anyone help.. Am I doing something wrong or is it normal for an SVCD to do that?

-- (, October 12, 2000



I dont have a answer for you, but i have a question; HOW

i have tried so long to make a SVCD, and i havent been successful yet, did you use NERO to burn the file, and how long in minutes is the file, Also, what dvd player do you use? I can make a VCD at 2400kb/s, but my dvd player starts to jerk and jump about 2 mins into the cd, but when i put it on motion search, it works ok, i can roughly fit around 30min of excellent quality.

Thanks for any help Love your work

-- Ralph Reid (, October 12, 2000.


What are you trying to make the SVCD out of? Are you trying to rip it from a DVD player or from a capture device?

-- (, October 13, 2000.

I find that using Enreach I-Author makes SVCD's that work much better than the ones burned with Nero. The SVCD I made with Nero seemed to not work well or at all with my Apex 600A DVD player (the older model with loopholes).

The great thing about SVCD's created with Enreach I-Author is that I- Author turns your SVCD project into a .CIF image burnable in Easy CD creator which pretty much every CD burner supports. One drawback is that you have to demux your video streams into separate audio (.mp2) and video (.mpv) files and mux them with Enreach I-Author, then you can make a .CIF image.

-- MrVCD (, October 15, 2000.

I don't have an answer either but look for help making a SVCD. I used VideoWave III to capture .avi files encode it to Video CD format and burned it with Nero on CD-RW. It worked on my old Panasonic A100. However, the quality isn't good because of the low resolution. I have been trying to make SCVD to play on the new APEX660 but not success yet. I used TMPEnc to encode the mpeg1 to mpeg2 using its template for the setting. Burning with nero 5.0 was fine but the it didn't play in the APEX660 or any dvd player. Any idea? Where can I get I-author?


-- Dominique (, November 16, 2000.

I used Nero 5 and burnt a SVCD it plays in a Pioneer DV333 Actually I can put any mpeg 2 in there and it will play specs or no specs

-- Someone (, February 02, 2001.

I also had problems just like you do. I used videowave III to generate the .avi files, then I burned a vcd using the output from videowave III and easycd creator 4. Looked worse than VHS on my system. I have a philips 825 player. Tried and tried using any program I could to burn. Finally, my cd burner came with Nero and I found that if I used it instead of easy cd creator 4, it had a svcd setting. Still didn't work. Then, after burning the same .avi file in svcd format through tmpgenc12c, I got really frustrated at my 825, so I took the disks to a local store and found that only on the latest sony (the philips weren't hooked to a tv) my svcd would play exactly like my DV tape. Great picture, no pixellation, etc. That told me it was my player. In the store, I tried an Onkyo, Aiwa, Sony and a Sony with vcd on the advertising sticker on the unit. Only the one with advertising worked. I called philips and found that there is a software upgrade disk for my 825. I ordered it, but also found one on the web referred to by the SVCD forum. Burned a disk with that, reprogrammed the 825, and lo and behold, I now can play these svcd disks. Since players for svcd are out, I would stick to a sony or philips because they are the two companies collaborating on the standard and most likely to make things work right. Run your .avi through tmpgenc12c, "load" the proper template for svcd, either PAL or NTSC then make the .mpg movie. At this point in time, its better just to make the file in svcd than to worry about bit rates, etc. Get Nero. It burns svcd. If you can buy 5.0, there are upgrades to the latest and greatest at the Nero site. If this doesn't work, its your DVD player. If its upgradable by software, check their site. Otherwise, I haven't read that anyone can make a vcd only player play svcd without an upgrade. I can tell you this. Its a lot easier to buy a new DVD player than to consider waiting to buy the DVD+R drive which is only now on the new Apple or Compaq computer. (test your svcd by using your burned disk [use both CDRW and CDR disks burned the same way]in the player you might want to buy in the store). Took me a month to figure all this out. And, I still have a way to go.

-- Carl Sims (, February 23, 2001.

Having an SVCD on a disc is a 3 step process: 1) Getting an MPEG stream (I assume from TMPGenc, CCE or BBMpeg) 2) Authoring the disc (Creating the structure, etc) 3) Burning it to CDR / CDRW Nero does 2+3 (author and burn) and I-Author does 2 (author) and relies on Adaptec or similar software to burn. Although some players (like the Pioneer 333) and _some_ APEX models will play the SVCDs that NERO authors, you may still have problems such as incorrect time reports, inability to FF / RW and other glitches. Whether your player plays it or not, NERO makes non- compliant SVCDs. To make a more compliant SVCD use I-Author to author it (you can burn the CIF image it makes with Easy CD Creator as someone pointed out.) I say "more compliant" and not "totally compliant" because it puts the MPEG stream in the wrong directory (MPEGAV I think) however the stream will FF / RW and play with less glitches than the NERO authored / burnt ones. If it plays at all, it will play perfectly. Only a few DVD players will have a problem with the incorrect directory, so give this method a try. The problem with NERO is not the way it burns them, but with the way it authors them (and the fact that you probably used CCE or Tmpgenc to make the MPEG-2 stream, which is not SVCD compliant.) For best results use the I-AUthor demultiplex, author a SVCD which will make a CIF image, and then burn that. Some groups actually release images that were made from I-Author and then had their headers hacked to correct the directory which should be a 100% compliant SVCD. Hope this helps.

-- some one (, March 12, 2001.

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