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It's time to recall those ongoing selfless efforts of our very own Y2KPro. Winter's coming again and I'll never forget the last whereduring he inspired us all by dropping off (in the middle of the night) boxes of groceries on the doorsteps of his less fortunate neighbors, and of course telling us about it. This was a bad time you recall. The selfish Doomers were all snuggled with weapons loaded in case one of their neighbors got hungry. But there was PRO. Shining, leading, selfless.

Well, nothing much has changed so I figgure PRO's neighbors still eat and that he's still skulking around dropping off boxes of goodies. I mean, why wouldn't he be?

-- Carlos (, October 12, 2000


No, he's getting ready for Halloween. Pro likes to hide in the bushes and trip little kids so he can steal their bags of candy.

-- (pro@sick.old.fuck), October 12, 2000.

They do Haloween in Canada? Didn't know.

-- Carlos (, October 12, 2000.

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