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Can anyone tell me if and when Bruce Hornsby might come to do a Gig in the United Kingdom, preferaby England. Living here I fell behind with his news untill I got on the web on my new Home computer a month ago- I had not heard or seen anything since " Hot House".! I have always been a huge fan and it was heaven when he did a Gig in a venue 30 yards from my House, at the Jazz Cafe, Camden, London. I even met him I do not know if it would be possible for me to come to the USA to see him, as a wheelchair user it would be complicated to organise maybe. I can not order his albums on the Web which would be good because I only have a Switch Card and the sites I have seen you can only buy it with another credit card and U.S.Dollars. So, please, could somebody help me by saying if and when he will nextcome to the U.K. or at least in Europe ,and where I might be able to get theese latest albums including when it comes out on October 24 -"Here Comes The Noisemakers" Please Reply, thank you very much my friends Your's, TOM TOMALIN

-- Tom Tomalin (tomtomalin@hotmail.com), October 12, 2000

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