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Are we allowed to use this forum to ask math related questions which we would like answered by the faculty (if we don't know who would know the answer)? What should we use this forum fo

-- Phil Morse-Fortier; Student (, October 11, 2000


Yes, this forum is an appropriate place for general mathematical questions that could possibly be answered by a teacher. You should understand that you may get a reply from a teacher or a student or possibly no one. The math faculty is not able to guarantee that all online questions will be answered.

If you definitely require an answer, you should still ask a specific individual in person (such as your own math teacher during class or after school). If, for example, you need your teacher to explain the solution to homework problem 72, face-to-face is still the way to ask.

I hope I've clarified what you can expect from us on the math faculty. -- KK

-- Mr. Kevin Kelly (, October 11, 2000.

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