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Hi there!

I have the Pioneer DV525 player. It is able to play back VCD and SVCD fine. It doesn't matter the video format in the disc, PAL/NTSC video discs are played back.

Question is: what about DVD. Has anybody out there tried to play back PAL DVDs in the Pioneer DV525 US/R1 player ?

Regards, Roberto

-- Roberto Maureira (, October 11, 2000


Unless you have a modified Pioneer DV525, you wouldn't be able to play PAL DVDs as PAL DVDs are usually not Region 1 DVDs.

-- Mr.Ian Roswell (, October 11, 2000.

i have tried, and yes, all Pioneer 525 it seems are the same anywhere: they play PAL and NTSC right. In the US, they may not say on the specs abot the PAL thing, but if it's properly codefree, it will play a region 2 DVD, PAL or otherwise. You have to have a multisystem TV to see the PAL displayed correctly (which I think is the main problem here because you see a monochrome pix on an NTSC- only tv).

-- MT (, October 12, 2000.

Roberto, here is the deal. the pioneeer 525 WILL play PAl dvds with no problmes, it does not have to be a modified machine. Some pal dvds are region free,etc. The onjly catch is your tv will havbe to be able to accpet the PAl image or you will need to get a Pal to NTSC converter to view it properly on an ntsc tv. Otherwise your pic will be half off the screen and horribly stretched and black and white. But again in general the pioneer 525 was made to read the pal dvds

-- Doug (, October 13, 2000.

i got a pioneer 525 and it works fine with all my pal dvds. i have tested a vcd i made at on my pc with a bunch of video clips converted to mpg and it works just fine. i will now for sure when i get my starwars episode 1 vcd that i ordered about 2 weeks ago.

have you tried fiddling with the switch (pal/ntsc...)at the back when you have diff format dvds.

-- kellyc (, January 16, 2001.

I have read over and over the discussion on the Pioneer DV525 been able to play PAL DVDs, which they do (I did play some PAL music show DVD without any problems) but the region cracking that seems to be copied all around the Web get's me to displaying the Region Code in the screen but does not allow to change it according to the instructions. Any ideas? Sincerely,


-- Bruno (bgacia@, January 20, 2003.

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