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I thought I'd start a little thread as a tribute to Molly because, hey, who doesn't love having a "worship me" thread on her forum that was *started by other people*?

Anyway. Molly, I have to say, you struck me as one of the most charming and elegant people there, and that's saying a lot, because that was one amazingly cool group of people. I regret not having been able to see the feather boa, but I understand that the venue may have not been quite up to such a display of fabulosity.

(Incidentally, that was me that asked whether it was chickeny fish or fishy chicken, and yes, that is indicative of the quality of the food last night, but I had fun anyway.)

-- Jan (, October 11, 2000


Aww, Jan! *blush* you are far, far too kind. Thanks.

I also enjoyed meeting you. I must say, now that's I've been to 12- point font, I am a little surprised - your writing/on-line persona is a little more ... *um* ... brash than you seemed in person.

I am just so pleased to have met everyone and to have new yummy journals to read and stuff.

-- Molly Zero (, October 11, 2000.

Brash! Well, I suppose. People say that I'm perfectly nice until they get to know me, and then I turn into Queen Bitch. Or at least one person has said that to me.

(By the way, I didn't even realize you'd left to go off to Bruegger's alone, or I would have resolutely followed you, because I had reached that point of "The first person who suggests someplace to eat, I am going there.")

-- Jan (, October 12, 2000.

I thought you guys both rocked. And I'm very sad that only one of you lives in Boston -- Jan, you must move here immediately.

-- Mary Ellen (, October 13, 2000.

100%. You know you want to.

-- the gus (, October 29, 2000.

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