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Does anyaone have experience using the CVP AD4A/AD4HA Accessory Decoders with a Digitrax system? I am using a Chief but I am not sure about how to begin setting up the AD4A/AD4HA from my hand controller. If I missed a thread about this already please direct me in that direction. Thanks. Chuck Hart

-- Chuck Hart (, October 11, 2000


There is no magic or mystery in using the CVP accessory decoder with Digitrax equipment. It is simply an accessory stationary decoder that reads DCC signals coming out of any DCC booster. It does not tie to Loconet.

Go to stationary decoder control mode on your Chief by hitting the Mode button. When the black dot comes on under "Switch", dial in the address of your stationary decoder. The lower left and right buttons on the chief throttle will throw the turnout one way or the other.

The Digitrax DS-54 has a few more features than the CVP product stationary decoder. For example, the DS-54 has turnout feedback whereas the CVP does not. Sometimes I need turnout feedback, sometimes I don't. So I use both DS-54's and and the CVP AD4A. The CVP is much less expenseive than a DS-54, so you should always determine wether you need the features of the DS-54. If you don't, don't use the AD4A. These are both excellent products that compliment each other and DCC.

-- Allan Gartner (, October 11, 2000.

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