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Title of this post says it all:

I got a Broadway Pro 1.0 (same hardware and software as the newer version except this card captures to AVI then converts to MPEG-1. This method is better anyways rather than straight MPEG-1 capture). Comes with software.

I also got the much sought after M-Filter Card. This card is a must have for VCD pros. It will clean up video noise and graininess from old VHS tapes and make your captures much cleaner and smoother. There are 3 filteration presets to suit your needs or you can customize the settings. Also has built in Time Base Corrector (TBC) for better color and more stable picture. Finally has line padding to get rid of annoying bounciness at the top or bottom of the screen. Comes with box and instructions as well as install disk.

Finally I am including the best VCD tools such as I-Author (for VCD/Super VCD), I-film Edit for editing MPEG clips, VideoPak 4.0 for creating fully interactive VCD's with menus, still shot slide shows, etc and many others.

I am taking offers now. List price of M-Fiter is aroudn $600, Broadway Pro list for about $800. EVERYTHING SOLD TOGETHER, NOTHING SEPARATE! SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY!!!


P.S. Please do not ask me if I will sell you or trade you any VCD's because I will not!

-- MrVCD (, October 11, 2000


What system spec.'s do you recomend for this set up. My PII is a 400mhz dell and I might have to go to a faster setup?? Does this allow for the Dolby 5.1 sound also?? Also can you give me an idea on the sizes of the edit file, i've read that it is better to edit in .avi. Thanks

-- Billy Hunter (, December 07, 2000.

I am looking for the M-Filter. Since you do not want to sell seperately, can you recomend a good source for this product.


-- Rodger Marjama (, December 27, 2000.

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