What's the biggest lie you've ever told?

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So, What's the biggest lie you've ever told?

-- Will Bartley (will@envybee.net), October 10, 2000


Probably the largest lie I've ever told was to myself, about loving someone i didn't. I wanted to believe i loved this person, although in all reality i was lying to myself. I was 18 and fresh out of highschool. The lie was horrible it would have easly ruined two peoples lives if i had not stop believing it. The person i thought i was in love with was leaving for the air force or some government funded angency and i lied and told her i loved her to help her to stay here with me. I lied about wonderful dreams of us growing old together and it all sounded great, but when i thought about it i shivered from fear. I was never really in love with her, i just wanted her to stay. I was greedy. I did it for me, not even considering her life and what she wanted. I thought that by munipulating her I could someway weasle out of it later on in life.. perhaps only a short month after her leave date. But Eventually i realized that i didn't love her, and it was wrong to make her think that simply because i wanted her to stay. Of course telling her to stay wouldn't have worked but lying to her would have ruined her life and made me feel like shit for a long time.

-- Travis S. (gasmask@pcpimps.net), October 11, 2000.

Hmm. I once told a girl I never masturbated. I felt horrible.

-- will (will@envybee.net), October 11, 2000.

On a more serious note, I do have a story to tell about a lie. I, too, lied to myself when I thought I could go on pretending to trust that girl I used to go out with, even though she cheated and lied to me, twice and three times, respectively in that order. I have my priorities straight now, and I know what I need. It might sound trite, but life is too short to be aimlessly wandering around, or lying to yourself for that matter.

-- will (will@envybee.net), October 11, 2000.

Good one will, never masturbated,eh! No the biggest thing i kept hidden and snuck around about was when i pledged the Kappa delta rho fraternity last year. i tried to keep it secret, but it didn't work. it all worked out in the end though.

-- AJ (lostlegend1@hotmail.com), October 11, 2000.

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