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Has anyone ever taught Edgar Allan Poe and used a comparison between POe nad Stephen King to stimulate student interest? I am looking for a way to connect the two but dont know where to start. Thanks. D. Sciulli

-- Anonymous, October 10, 2000


I use Poe and King together all the time. In brief, find stories that match up to the elements of Poe's formulas that you want to work with. Take "Cask Of Amontillado" for example. If your're looking at Poe's revenge motif and the arabesque elements of this story -- what better match than King's "The Ledge." (Found in the book Night Shift) it's easy to make comparisons between the two. If you're looking at Poe's use of mechanical devices and revenge motif -- i.e. "Hop Frog" or "A Predictament" -- you can use King's "Battleground" from the same book. Poe beleived that a horror story should be themeless -- he was interested in only a singleness of effect -- the gothic arabesque and grotesque combination. Ask kids if King believes the same thing? Is King's work themeless. other King stories that work well with Poe (from same book) "I Know What You Need" (role of women) and "The Boogeyman." Have fun!

-- Anonymous, October 15, 2000

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