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I think after the little rant in today's journal entry, you all know how I feel about movie theaters. Share with me some of your best / worst moments at a theater. Was the popcorn good, at least?

-- Anonymous, October 10, 2000


I love movie theatres. I would prefer to see a movie there. Although, you have aches and pains with either one. I like them, but I hate the people in them. :)

-- Anonymous, October 10, 2000

I'm a big movie theater person, because the popcorn is much better there. Somehow, it's just not the same with the hot-air popper and my little TV.

But I usually go in the afternoon on weeks where I work nights (like, um, this one), so there aren't many people in the theater and I'm not paying a zillion dollars. That probably helps avoid the mindless chatter.

-- Anonymous, October 10, 2000

Ok I have a rant so be warned. I don't know about everyone else, but when I always go to a movie there is some punk ass kid shining one of those damn laser pointers at the movie screen. This keeps happening so of course the manager comes in and ask for the person to leave otherwise the movie will not start. Of course this would never happen, cause a riot would start (probally by me because # 26 on my list of things to do, is to incite a riot). I swear I just want to grab that pointer and cram it up that kid's as....err is this forum censored Meghan? God I have keeping my mouth clean. Anyways that's it. I think I am going to go pee in the woods and then go to bed. Adieu.

-- Anonymous, January 04, 2001

Video is neet because we can "do over". I like it!

Movies are wonderful because they are FULL of people! Crying, coughing,fighting, sneezing, filling dipers, making out, sitting in quiet dispare, loving, learning, and simply being bored!

I GO to movies for people. I view them at home for me.

I don't go to a place for people and expect them to take care of ME.

Fitting in is 6th. grade shit.

-- Anonymous, January 09, 2001

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