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i have purhcased a dazzle video creator parallel port version . i have a problem with audio/video synz. when i am planing the video cd which i have created on my pc there is no problem with audio/video sync. it is 100% ok. but if the same cd is been played on the vcd or playstation the audio is behind the video. as the movie goes on the difference between audio/video increase . i am using the software to create the vcd supplied from dazzle. please help me out to solve this problem. thanks

-- raj (, October 10, 2000


You say that you played it on your Playstation... If the VideoCD that you created was NTSC compliant, then that is the problem. The Playstation VCD players have problems with the syncronization of the audio and video. The player I have (Gamars PSX-003) plays PAL VCDs fine, but NTSC VCDs get desyncronized after about half of the movie. A few others I know that have some other PSX VCD players said that all the movies get desyncronized, including PAL VCDs. One thing you could do is try re-encoding the VCD to PAL and then burn it and try it out again. Most likely, the PSX VCD player is the problem, and not the way you burned the VCD.

-- Mr.Ian Roswell (, October 10, 2000.

I had problem with audio being out of synch with the video for long video. I read in an earlier posting that this is caused by IC overheating. I carved a hole on the side of my Dazzle to allow more air. I hang the dazzle infront of the exhaust fan of my power supply. will let you know the result.

-- Kiam Oey (, January 04, 2001.

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