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Questions: Do pin registration neg carriers generally connect only on two sides? If so, can they connect on same side corners ? Who makes a Pin registration hole punch now that Condit is gone? > Some of you who frequent this forum may remember the guy with the Condit 10"x10" enlarger and no manual. Well I have figured out how to use the enlarger (still can not adjust it to level however) but I am looking at this Pin Registared Neg carrier like a dear with its eyes in headlights. The carrier has no glass ( bought it used with no glass) and has pins that slide out from four corners- the opening is 10"x10". The only thing that I can figure out is that there is a stationary glass that is placed on the bottom of the tray (the carrier is not a sandwich type it is a tray)On top of that would be a piece of glass with the four corners cut off so the pins could fasten to the neg without hitting the glass (did that make sense ?) Anyone know about this ?? > many thanks

-- Richard Warren (, October 09, 2000


Sounds like some sort of negative gripping system to me, rather than a pin register as such.
Have another look at it, and see if it can't be used to grip the corners of the negative and stretch it, without making holes in it.
Pin registration is only used for colour separation negatives and other applications where two or more layers of image have to be held in perfect alignment. To have that built into an enlarger is a bit unusual.
Kodak made a pin register punch and register tool until recently, but the holes were elongated slots, not round.
Purely BTW, I've successfully used a standard A4 paper file punch and a home-made register plate for aligning PCB artworks.

-- Pete Andrews (, October 10, 2000.

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