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-- Anonymous, October 09, 2000


Interesting choice of words by Barbara Clare in today's Freeman letters column. "If there are witches in Onteora, let's hope they are removed soon so we can get on with the real issues of this school district." -- Barbara Clare

While she may indeed be referring to Deborah Osherow's use of the term "witchhunt" as she ostensibly is, given that someone tried to "remove" me by vandalizing my tires gives me quite a chill. I'm keeping this in my files, don't forget it if anything happens to me.

-- Anonymous, October 09, 2000

I would like to send this letter this week to the NY State folks in charge of license plates...another small chink to work at...It is a copy of the letter previously sent by COLOR (thanks to Robert Eurich) for supplying the copy.) I'll wait until week's end, and if there are no changes or complaints I'll send it off. T. PS I am enlcosing with the letter all the references mentioned in the body of the text.

Also, I need postal addresses for Jim, Tom Rosato, Barbara, Lucia and anyone else who might want to file complaints...I'll send you materials ASAP. Please be sure to copy any repoirts you plan on submitting so we have copies available...call me with any questions 657-2914 T. October 10, 2000

Mr. Richard Jackson, Commissioner New York State Department of Motor Vehicles 6 Empire State Plaza Albany, New York 12228

Dear Commissioner Jackson,

Please consider this communication to be a formal request asking that you rescind use of the racially disparaging term "Redskins" and its variations from personalized motor vehicle license plates believed to have been issued by your department. Such variations include, but are not necessarily limited to: Redskin, Redskn, Rdskins, Redskinz, Redskns.

According to Part 16 of DMV Commissioner's Regulations a Custom Plate will not be issued if it:

"(e) is, in the discretion of the commissioner, obscene, lewd, lascivious, derogatory to a particular ethnic or other group, or patently offensive." (Accent added)

We hold that the term in question falls within this category and, in the following pages, offer several proofs of our contentions. The enclosed evidence includes: dictionary definitions; similar DMV precedents set in this matter in Utah and California; a 1999 decision by the United States Patent and Trademark Office; and information derived from scholarly research.

We respectfully request that you acknowledge this formal complaint and outline your opinion and remedies, if any, by responding to us in writing within thirty-days (30) of this letter's receipt.

Thank you in advance for your thoughtful consideration and anticipated actions.


Tobe Carey STAND Support Tolerance and Nurture Diversity PO Box 1208 Woodstock, NY 12498

-- Anonymous, October 10, 2000

Hotlink for L. Frank Baum article

-- Anonymous, October 11, 2000

I'm going to assume that unless I hear otherwise from any of you, that there has been no public mention of the tire incidents by any of the CARE folks? No distancing from it, no "ain't it awful, we would never encourage anyone to do anything like that" noises? We'll see in the Woodstock Times tomorrow, but I certainly hadn't seen it in the Freeman, though I didn't see the paper Saturday or Sunday. That in itself is interesting.

-- Anonymous, October 11, 2000

I had another nail in my tire, discovered yesterday. I was at dentist with kids in Highland, Kofi noticed tire was almost flat. Went to local garage and they removed a nail from the passenger rear side. I didn't even have time to call police and file a report as I had to get back to dentist to pick kids up. But I did get the nail, and I did get a receipt verifying they removed a nail. So I'll call "my trooper" today and report it.

Of course, sometimes a flat tire is just a flat tire, so who knows if its related. The only likely opportunities someone would have had to put it there were: 1) the night at court, even though we had our trusty and trusted lot monitors, my car was all the way at the very end, in the dark, and the right passenger rear tire would have been the furthest from view. Is there a little possibility someone could have? (And yes, the ice cream guy was there, and he's the one who nodded to two guys in the back before they left, getting paranoid here...)

Otherwise, only thing I can think of (besides my own driveway) is two soccer games attended in Phoenicia, and one with Shandaken team here in Woodstock. There were some familiar mascot faces there, but I can't imagine anyone did it there...

Maybe it's just a flat?

Carol, I wondered the same thing about Barbara Clare's letter... I doubt if she's bright enough to write that subtley, but do file that letter away...

I did speak on the record to Rene Houtrides this week so there may be something more in the paper about the tires, but I told her to speak to anyone else personally to verify whether they wanted mention by name or not before using anyone else's name. But I personally am tired of being silent and feel a need to speak out with the truth about these serious incidents. --Donna

-- Anonymous, October 12, 2000

Giving names of potential suspects as possible suspects, as long as it is phrased as such is fine, I would be very cautious about being stronger in alleging a person is our suspect in the tire attacks unless we have more proof than I think we do. In a different matter a couple the nails were gathered and traced to the person responsible, it was easy as the person used the same nails and they were peculiar enough to make the trace possible. Without knowing the specifics of the nails/screws used here they may or may not be useful, in any event this is a law enforcement issue and that is why we need to give the "police" all details possible. I would however I would only deal with state officers. When anyone gets a chance, copies of the reports in this regard and regarding racial events need collected and submitted as soon as possible, please let me know when the reports are collected.

-- Anonymous, October 12, 2000

Jim: Donna said she talked about some people with the State Police...perhaps this could be added to the list...Lucia also has a story about her tires and the same person!!!!Ask Donna for the State police name or give her the info directly....

-- Anonymous, October 12, 2000

Did the state police talk with Lucia yet, about who the "Nick" was who woo-wooed at her? Nobody's called me. Guess I'd better make sure they actually have my report from Olive.

I think on the reward we're still waiting for word as to whether we need to have it in escrow, , who decides on how it would be awarded, who would hold it, etc.

-- Anonymous, October 12, 2000

This is a letter from the mascot email-list-serve about the South Dakota "Monty" mascot...can you imagine it being in the Freeman???? Talk about woodchuck ...I hear people don't like being called woodchucks..anyone know Alan Maskell? letter writer?

Greetings, As a 1986 SDSU Alumni and Comanche/Caddo mixed blood I go on record to say that Monty is offensive and I am sick and tired of the pathetic people fighting to retain him as the mascot! I am fed up with arrogant profiteers! What is the matter with you people anyway? See, the problem with the american education system is that it is not wisdom oriented. If you have a good memory and can regurgitate what the teacher has told you, then you are "smart" or "intelligent". Talk about the great illusion! Why are Anglos (because you are the ones who favor and profit from mascots) generally just such rude damn people? Your entire value system (my favorite oxymoron) is just wrong thinking. You commit genocide, honor it, profit from it, and then expect the people you oppress and stereotype to stay silent forever? Why don't you have a black mascot called Jigaboo Sambo? You would if the Black community wouldn't protest! You know, Anglo culture is the most arrogant, disrespectful, violent culture on the planet (just look at your history). Everyone knows this except for you guys. It's just that you don't value anyone else's opinion enough to take a look at yourselves. Christian colonialism is about power, money and egotistical arrogance. Lord Jesus, save us from your followers! And please hurry. The Monty issue is not about political "correctness". How about simple politeness? Wouldn't it be great if war criminals like Chris Columbus and Andrew Jackson were not exalted to our children as heroes? How do you think that makes us feel when you have national holidays that honor Christian criminals for doing a good "job" at exterminating our people? Do you even care? Every single day native people drive down streets named after criminals who murdered our families. Kinda' like Hitler Avenue would be for the Jews. Do you realize that our families had to die so that you could have the land for that University or your personal house? Do you know how many people died miserably as slaves to the Spanish Missions after being worked to the bone? Once again, do you even care? I think the correct answer is "not really, ho hum, (yawn) bring me another Mint Julep". Humility seems to be a totally foreign concept to you folks. Look it up in the dictionary, that is, if Webster was able to find an accurate definition of the concept within the European language system. European Christians need to be atoning for committing genocide on seven continents, not supporting it, the world will stay in upheaval forever until you stop this prideful illusion ( but there's profits in upheaval isn't there?). Pretty soon you will be the minority though, thank God for that favor. How can you complain about the way society is today, when you are the ones that have created this madness? The youths are just following your lead. Just what is it that you are finding so prideful in Monty? Who is this former "Monty actor" pushing for keeping the mascot? Why do you listen to some washed up guy whose only claim to fame and importance was that he danced around in a stupid costume at a football game? That is so pathetic. On some level, I would feel really sorry for your culturally and spiritually impoverished people, if it wasn't for the fact that they choose to be that way. Maybe the Native Nations should have mascots in our schools...yeah! They can be pasty white guys with a penis complex! They'd have to drive on field in a Mercedes to prove that it had some value though! Ha! Now that would depict you truthfully. If you want something to be proud of try an removing the mascot with an apology. I'll bet that you don't have the "huevos" to publish this commentary either... Get real or get lost, Cristala Comanche/Caddo mixed blood Austin, TX

-- Anonymous, October 12, 2000

No letters at all from CARE about the nails, so if we mention it first we get to take the moral high road, with the appropriate tut- tutting.

It strikes me that if any of us get another nail, if we can get the state police to come and dust it for prints before having it taken out, I wonder if anything would be recoverable. worth asking them about. I conspicuously fondled my tires by hand while sweeping around them with a torch at the school last night, told the parents who asked that I was a member of the group that was having its tires nailed and it was something we had to do routinely at school property now. They were suitably horrified.

Went to the 7th grade orientation at Onteora tonight, checked out the gym with the infamous mural. I hadn't realized that along with the big dude coming through the wall, there was also a smaller version of the Indian head that's on the field tower. and what I don't think has been mentioned before, is that painted on the floor there are crossed spears with feathers, and tomahawks with feathers, and a sort of hoop or drum with some sort of fringe (?) to it. I may get to the football game on Saturday.

-- Anonymous, October 12, 2000

I'm going to homecoming...showing up early...camera in hand...Oh...meeting Mon nite...native curriculum on the agenda...we may get some surprises with a "Doan" curriculum being offered...although that's not what is supposed to be happening.

Meg and i will also go tonight toi the Cahill/Tantillo/West gathering in Woodstock Town Hall I'm bringing packets to give them during the question and answer time...so they'll have information to base an answer on the next time someone asks about the Onteora mascot.

Check your tires...I would like to also shoot video of each person checking tires and telling me their nails stories ASAP...perhaps Monday night? Or perhaps I can meet people at their soccer games...kids and nails... Tobe


-- Anonymous, October 13, 2000

I went to State Police yesterday with my latest nail and receipt for its removal. Met with Sargeant D'Erico (or something like that, not sure unfortunately). We had a long talk and he somewhat upbraided me for our side having written letters calling people who think differently from us "mole brains" or something. He also said someone from our side had written a letter saying no compromise was possible on this issue. I had the tiresome chore or trying to educate him to the fact that nobody from "our group" (Stand) had written those things, that we showed up for all the compromise discussions, that the other side didn't show up, etc. etc. I had the impression that someone had been filling his head with stuff, or that he just reads the paper very thoroughly and for some reason hadn't read their letters about us. He also said (and I was very nice and polite throughout all this) that as far as he knew, it could be US putting the nails in for some publicity. He said "anything is possible."

On the plus side, he did seem appropriately incensed about the "tire nonesense" and while fingering the nail kept saying to me in a stern voice "this has to stop!" I just kept agreeing with him and even, at one point, cried (couldn't help myself, his approach was making me feel worse than I already did...)

After crying, he seemed a little more convinced of my sincerity and when I said I "had my hunches" about who was doing it, invited me to share my short list, which I did. He seemed to recognize all three names I mentioned, but of course, I said I had no evidence in any case, just hunches based on very little but hot-headedness, seeming irrationality, and presence at the scene. He didn't write anything down, but said that after this week if they don't catch anyone they'll start "talking to people."

After that unpleasant experience, I came home to find out from Onaje that the D.A. said Perry plans to file another charge against Onaje, this one having to do with his alleged broken cross.

Tobe: You could interview me at soccer in AM if you want. We'll be at DugHill in West Hurley 9:30ish to 11:00ish. Then 11:30 to 2:00 I'll be at Woodstock Day School if you want to catch me there.

So now, unfortunately for George, there may be more news in the paper about his dad. And if I file a "counter claim" about Perry, that just means more yet. Sorry if I sound like a whiner, folks, but I've just about had it. I need some justice soon.

-- Anonymous, October 13, 2000

Donna: is it Zone Sargent Cervini? I've spoken to him twice and got comments similar to yours. He mentioned that the matter should be settled by referendum both times, sound familiar?

Sorry I won't be at the meeting Monday night: sock it to em!!!

-- Anonymous, October 14, 2000

I didn't know i was going to, but it appears that I am going to speak about intimidation on Mon nite. And i'll issue a call for the school board and other groups and individuals in the community to publicly condemn these kinds of actions, and to assist in the capture and conviction of these criminals.

Stop me if I'm wrong!!

Since no one has objected, I will also send off the letter to the Commissioner of License plates about the Redskins moniker.

Today I sent some complaints (Curry Meg and me) to the AG 's office today with copies to Charles.

At the football game today I talked with Mike Boms...he said that the yearbook will NOT be called the Tomahawk, because the order for the cover went out last May when it was banned...anyway you can take out an ad....Shoulkd STABND take oiut a $40 or more ad? We could say sioething that'll always with these graduates. We have a few weeks left to do it....

...he also said the dances would NOT be Tomahawk dances, but Spring Fling, etc. It's happening in a quiet way, which is good. Once these old names are gone they'll be forgotten...we need four years of mascot-abscence to break the addiction....

Oh, meg and I went to the candidates night asponsored by taxpayers Association and Kevin and Fawn were there...meg asked about raising the fund balance from 2% to 5%..they alsl said they'd support that kind of move... She asked about getting te tax burden off tyhe property tax, and they had fuzzy answers with nothing concrete except STAR.

I said I had read about them in the Freeman and saw they had not answered the question about mascots in schools...I offered them info so they could answer the question at a later time. Kevin said he had in fact taken a position, and the Freeman had not reported it properly. He said 1. paint over the macot in the gym...2.phase out the mascot and move on to educational issues. Good and direct. Fawn almost agreed, but called this issue the "third rail in local politics." My phrase exactly.

so...Kevin was real good.

Jim, I like your next ad...


-- Anonymous, October 14, 2000

I took the kids to the homecoming football game today against Marlborough, since Suki really wanted to see one. Incredibly pathetic, and not just because our boys got the stuffing beaten out of them, 69 to zero.

Toby and I took some footage in the gym with the Indian grot, while the marching band was there, stomping all over the feather pictures on the floor. He wasn't able to capture any Indian cheers while he was there at the game, but guess what? They mysteriously started lots more Indian cheers once he and Meg left at halftime. But since they didn't seem to know me, I just merrily kept shooting right in front of them. Fairly innocuous, though, as far as those things go. "we are the Indians," mention of a drumbeat but no stereotyped Hollywood Indian drumbeat itself, no tomahawk chops -- there was a "wooo" as part of one, but no hand patting mouth to ululate. I was over on the visitors' side for a while, didn't hear anything derogatory. We should check the online versions of the southern Ulster papers to see what verb they use for defeating the Onteora team.

Attendence was lackluster, and the crowd never chorused along with the cheers as we did in high school. Biggest enthusiasm was for the band, who were clearly putting on a better show than the football team. They had a lot of enthusiastic cheering, and when they finished halftime most of the crowd left with them.

Was amused to see that the school colors seem now to be not just the red and white but red, white and black, classic witch's colors in the western magickal tradition (would Barbara and Tom Clare blow a gasket if I mentioned that? Wouldn't it be a hoot to see them try to change the school colors, while I hold the fort screaming "We have to keep it, it's tradition!"). I think their Indian goodluck charm isn't bringing much good luck to them, was having a good time muttering to my children that it was cursed, unlucky, in a highly melodramatic way.

They really do need a new mascot, maybe that might bring some energy back into this dismal scene. If the community doesn't care about even showing up at Homecoming, it's clear they don't inherently give a rat's ass about the symbols. Only saw one Onteora Indian shirt, as amatter of fact, and that was a simple typographic "Onteora Indian alumni."

-- Anonymous, October 14, 2000

Yes, it is Sgt. Cervini, that's it. Thanks Curry.

I don't really like the ad as it stands now, Jim, it sounds kind of confusing. But I know that's no help if I'm not doing anything myself, so I'll try to give it a whirl too. I think it's too many accountables and accountings...

-- Anonymous, October 14, 2000

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