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Nothing to do with Aeon, just something that came into my head today...

I know some people worship the NES, but what about the 16 bit games? For me, there was Genesis in `91, Neo-Geo (I remember saving for two months just to buy one used Geo cart) in `93, and then I got my SNES... aah, now *those* were games. But now? These slick-looking, 60 hour quests can't compare. I want symbolism, the Jungian mental mazes of my childhood, not today's realistic games. However, the arcade Metal Slugs (2, 3, X, doesn't matter) are great... give me 16-bit hardware, a joystick and three buttons over CD's and a Playstation pad anyday.

-- Paul (, October 09, 2000


I have to admit, I was always a 16 bit junkie. Although I enjoyed the 8 bit era through the C64, the 'cartoon' quality level of the games on the Amiga, the Genesis, and the SNES were what I grew up on and truely appreciated. Some of my favorites were the very strange Amigqa games that came out of Phillipe Ulrich's mind: Extase, Captain Blood, Purple Saturn Days, and Kult (Chamber of the Psi Mutant Priestess)... He's actually still producting games for Cryo, like The New Adventures of the Time Machine. If I'm not mistaken, wasn't one of the Aeon Flux games supposed to come out originally from Cryo? If so, Ulrich's very alien and surreal sensibilities would have been a perfect choice. Ah well.

-- (, October 09, 2000.

Yes! Good memory, Cryo was indeed the developer of the Aeon game.

-- Paul (, October 10, 2000.

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