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Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows how to make xvcd's (vcd's with bitrates between 1150k and 3500k) with menus? I know videopack 4 can make vcd's with menus but it will now accept mpegs with bitrates other than 1150k. I also know that videopack 5 will be able to make xvcds, but when is videopack 5 being released? I've been trying to find out on the net but I haven't had any luck. Can someone plz point me in the right direction. thanx alot

-- oh-crap (, October 09, 2000


you are slightly wrong in your info, vp4 DOES allow you ot make menus for xvcds/highrates. as this is what i use to make menus in them. its the winon 3.7 cd program that does not allow highrates at all

-- Doug (, October 09, 2000.

Thanks for the info. Then can anyone tell me why my videopack ain't accepting the mpeg files? I am using the ATI All in Wonder 128 pro 32 meg version (with MMC 6.3 software). This is a new card. In the past, i made 1150k vcds with the All in wonder 128 16 meg (NOT pro) and I would have to run the mpeg through Ifilmedit first. However, If i run the 2200k video through Ifilmedit, does ifilmedit revert it back to 1150k? Can someone plz help me. Thank you very much

-- oh-crap (, October 09, 2000.

plz don't tell me that i have to re-encode with panasonic... that takes forever

-- oh-crap (, October 09, 2000.

Demultiplex your mpeg and then multiplex it. I find tmpgenc (freeware) to be the best, and fastests. Ifilmedit corrupts small parts of an mpeg file. (everytime) Possibly the same bug MyFilx and WebFlix have.

It should fix your problem with videopack 4. I know Video Pack Makes xvcd. I just finished making my 50th one today. Farscape episode with 1850 bit rate. I have even made some up to 3000.

I came across a Japan website with a few screen shots of Video Pack 5. It looks AWSOME! (We still have to wait a few more months before we see it.)

-- Oscar Meyer (, October 09, 2000.

Oscar, I have VP4 and so far I can not get it to accept an mpeg outside of 1150k. I used TMPEG to de-mux and mux using the SVCD setting but no go. Any Ideas?

-- Leebo (, October 18, 2000.

Ok, let's see what's up:

Is it an mpeg 1 file? (Videopack 4 only takes mpeg 1)

The sound should be in 441/224 or less. I did have it crash when I tried 448/ and higher.

Have you just tried dragging the mpeg file into the work area. Right click, change the duration to infinte and make a test image file of just the mpeg?

What is the error message Videopack gives you?

Well get you rolling yet!


-- Oscar Meyer (, October 18, 2000.

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