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OK is it true he had gambiling debts at west poin or not? tell me what you have heard.

-- Anonymous, October 08, 2000



Just as Poe had difficulty with paying his tuition and living costs while at the University of Virginia, so he had difficulty with receiving support from his foster father, John Allan while at West Point. In both instances, the support sent was often insufficient or ill-timed and Poe was compelled to seek assistance elsewhere.

However, to my knowledge, there is no evidence that during his stay at the military academy at West Point that Mr. Poe had habitually engaged in gambling, nor had he run himself into significant debt as a result of gambling. The incident of his accruing gambling debts occurred during his stay as a student at the University of Virginia, not West Point. During his stay at West Point, it is true that Poe and his foster father were continually at odds over John Allans intermittent support and Allans marriage to Louisa Gabriella Patterson. In a letter to his foster father, Poe threatened to neglect his studies unless John Allan became more forthcoming or gave his permission and allow Poe to resign from West Point. Poe received no response and made good on his threat.

Poe was court marshaled and dismissed from military service in January of 1831 for some 60 plus intentional violations resulting from neglect of duty that included missing classes, neglecting his studies, avoiding church services and other minor charges. He plead guilty to all but the first specification, was found guilty by the military court and dismissed from the service of the United States. He left for New York on February 19, 1831.


-- Anonymous, October 09, 2000

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