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A high school math teacher works in a school where there is no computer access yet. What are the ways to adapt the math lesson for creating a constructivist learning environment?

-- Anonymous, October 08, 2000


1. I would first promote students autonomy and commitment to their answers -question students answers whether they are right or wrong -insist that they try to solve a problem and be able to explain what they tried 2. Develop students' reflective processes -ask students to restate the problem in their own words -question students to guide them to try different ways to resolve the problem -ask students to explain what they are doing and why -ask students what they mean by the terms they are using 3. Construct a case history of each student -note the way a student approaches-note common misconceptions and strengths 4. If the student is unable to solve a problem, intervene to negotiate a possible solution with the student -Based on the case study and your understanding of how the student is thinking about the problem, guide the student to think about a possible solution. -Ask questions such as "Is there anything you did in the last one that will help you here?" "Can you explain your diagram?" 5. When the problem is solved, review the solution -Encourage students to reflect on what they did and why? -Note what students did well and build confidence

-- Anonymous, October 09, 2000

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