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Elisabeth made a very interesting posting on the `disappointing response` thread - regarding colour in Shih-Tzu.

I think it is a very interesting subject.

The first thing I would say is that colour, IMHO, should be pretty low down on the list of attributes when judging. However, I don`t think that is always the case. Naturally most people have their own `colour` preferences, which is fine, but it does also appear to sometimes influence placings.

Elisabeth`s observations about having seen `blue and white` puppies are interesting - especially in respect of the `blue` coat being slow to grow. I have always found that in my parti colours, the white grows much faster than the contrasting colour BUT that could also co-incide with the fact that the contrasting colour is usually the bit in the middle, and the white is usually on the legs, and hence closer to the ground to start with (if you catch my drift!)

One thing I have noticed with colour is that the various colours seem to go in and out of fashion. When I first started showing, black seemed very out of fashion (with a few noteable exceptions). My theory on that being that you have to have an extremely special `black` dog to get it noticed in the ring. The particolours seem to be very popular now - probably because they can be very striking. Red and white particularly seemed to suddenly become the `in` thing. But it always has to be remembered that it is only coat, after all. One colour that was really unpopular now seems to be coming to the fore again, and that is brindle. Especially brindle and white. I think that improved grooming techniques are helping here as a brindle coat that is in good condition is a joy to behold, threaded as it is with so many beautiful colours.

Elisabeth, I am assuming that the red colour comes from the black agouti(sp.) gene. I`m harping back to my Irish Setter days now, and even further back to my cat breeding days! I am assuming that the dogs that keep their `red` colour have a strong black and white line in their genetic makeup somewhere. I need to study my book on genetics again - my memory is not all it should be. Anyway, no doubt there will be someone more knowledgeable than me who can refresh my mind on the colour inheritence formula!!!

As for the nature of dogs with different colours - I think I can see what you are getting at. Sort of the `chestnut mare` syndrome? All I can say is that my most placcid dogs are black and white, and my red and white is a little madam (though you wouldn`t guess it by her `shrinking violet` demeanour in the ring! Do you find a difference with the colours you have?(:o)

-- Anonymous, October 08, 2000


Hi, a friend of mine was breeding cats and she loves to tell me about the genetic in colors. I love the way they call the colors in cats. But the color inheritance seems to be very difficult in Shih Tzu. I still love the grey and grey and white ones. But I heard people calling this and also brindle to be a Lhasa color. Well, I find that the black and white one are more smart than the others. And the gold and white is more lovingly. But to make a discription about all this I have had not enough dogs to prove it. My red and white believes she is something very special. (Well of course she is!! Like all our Shih Tzu!!) But our dogs are relatives. So I cant really tell if they all like this. My black ones loved to swim and play real noisy with toys and are more jealious and dominant.

-- Anonymous, October 10, 2000

Interesting that Mrs. Miggins sister should be a little madam too!(:o)

-- Anonymous, October 11, 2000

Sorry, I guess got something wrong!!!

-- Anonymous, October 12, 2000

Elisabeth - I think I have confused you!!! What I meant was that Miggins litter sister seems to have the same character as her. In other words, your red and white girl and mine, have the same temperament! (:o)

-- Anonymous, October 12, 2000

Yes, but I thought it is a sister to my Superlion. That I got wrong. But she is a little madam too.

-- Anonymous, October 15, 2000

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