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Dear Climbers and Hikers!My name is Nikolai. I live in Moscow and work as a guide. I organize climbing by myself and for American Company "Mountain Travel" since 1990 and we can use this program. RUSSIA: CLIMB MT.ELBRUS. Europe's highest mountain, Mt. Elbrus (18,481') is located in the heartof the Caucasus Mountains in Russia. It is one of the famous "Seven Summits".....the highest peaks on each of the seven continents. Little know outside of eastern Europe, the peaks, glaciers and valleys of the Caucasus are beautiful as the Swiss Alps.The cost is your expenses plus my salary $50 per day. Land cost -from $700 to $2000 (8-12 days)One international group is ready (29.07-06.08).You can find me by tel.(095)487-5713 or And any help in Moscow, around Moscow, in Russia and SIC. Nikolai. - Sandy Wiswell (USA)

Nikolai is a registered mountain guide and has been my guide on a number of climbs (Mt Elbrus, etc) in Russia and CIS. He organized all travel, accommodations, food and other supplies, permits, visas, and local sherpas, etc for my climbs. Climbing requires teamwork and motivation and Nikolai is able to promote both in his groups. He is very patient and an excellent motivator. Basically, I showed up and had a great experience. He has been guiding for the past 8 years. His clients included many repeat clients from the US, UK, and Europe. He has also accompanied me on business trips as a translator, and has been able to expedite many "situations" in Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan. Nikolai's English is very good, his is trustworthy and dependable and is able to solve problems, take the initiative to get the job done. Nikolai will go the extra mile to complete the task. It is always my pleasure to work with him, climb with him and call him my friend. - Sandy Wiswell (USA)

If you need more information or "real time" reference for Nikolai please do not hesitate to call Sandy Wiswell during the day (095) 725-5162; at night (095) 575-73-00 or email

-- Nikolai Savine (Russia) (, October 08, 2000

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