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Most people feel that children should be exposed to technology at an young age. Constructivist learning emphasizes in providing students with tools to explore, experiment, construct, converse and reflect on what they are doing. Would you still think that children as young as pre-k level should be exposed to this type of learning and if so how would you as a teacher begin to introduce such a lesson?

-- Anonymous, October 07, 2000


As kindergarten children are able to use the computer moving the mouse or typing alphabet, the pre-k student could and will be able to do it at a minimum learn. At the beginning to simplify, and for them to have fun when experience learning with technology, the mouse (the tool) is a toy that brings cartoon pictures for them. In addition, a simple lesson will be to have the pre-k students practice using the mouse. You will point to them that when the picture does not show-up there is a mistake and we try again. They could later explore and experiment at their level of interest, on their own how to use the mouse. This way they will use prior knowledge from their playing toy experiences.

-- Anonymous, October 08, 2000

I think that children as young as preschoolers can definetly benefit from technology, even though the child may not conciously reflect on what he/she is learning they are learning by exploring the computer. I have seen many effective uses of the computer is a pre-k class. In one of the classrooms, there were particular games that focused on the use of the mouse and the keyboard. One great game was an underwater adventure where you had to click on certain animals as they went by. Not only were these 2,3 and 4 year olds learning about the computer but thye were also learnign about ocean animals. In this way all children at any age can learn from technology, even if they aren't using complicated reasoning, and can't maybe verbalize what they are learning.

-- Anonymous, October 09, 2000

I work with kindergarten students, who for the most part have attended a PreK class in the district. All of these students have had computer in Pre-K and are very knowledgeable with it. The have better knowledge of the computer than I have. When attending the computer class, they show me the tricks and the different icons that can be used for the lesson. They especially love Millie's Math House and the different areas that they could go into. Sometimes I play dumb just to let them show me the different icons. They are so proud that they can show me something that I do not know. Just seeing their faces and the joy they experience by knowing something better than myself is worth the play acting. Children of all ages can learn the computers. My niece who is three knows how to operate the computer. Her mother has purchased instructional videos with various cartoon characters, in which she must match the shoes that they are wearing. She does a pretty good job with that. But she is also limited to the amount of time that she can be on. She looks forward everyday to using the computer. Computers are the way of the future, and every age should be able to use them and enjooy them.

-- Anonymous, October 10, 2000

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