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Have you had any telemarketing calls you'd like to tell us about?

-- Becky (, October 04, 2000


Now, I always let the machine answer the phone. My friends & even my parents have learned that if they'll just talk, I will pick up the phone. However, before I did that, I had a standard answer to what was usually the opening question. I figure that since I'm not buying, I don't want to waste the time of the poor person who has to do that for a living.

Telemarketer: May I speak with Wendy Kimbel? Me: No, you may not. Have a good evening. (hang up)

Hey, I answered the question.

-- Wendy Kimbel (, October 05, 2000.

Once I learned prison industries do survey's and some prisoners have excellent memories I answer NO survey's.

When I get a persistent salesman asking for my husband I tell them he's on vacation...if they ask for Mrs. I say she's dead. lol

The line to the computer rings when I'm off line of course, and I have been known to pick it up and say you have reached a computer, and before I can add a!

The Chattering

-- Bonnie (, October 05, 2000.

Usually I will listen courteously and politely answer the first question. Then there are several ways I go then, one is to answer the next one with, "Let me save your company's money. I don't do surveys over the phone and I don't do business of any kind over the phonne, I am broke - - - - - have a good evening- - - - - then not giving them a chance to try to hold on - - - - - click On a second call back from that same outfit I have been known to get real nasty !

-- Denver doug (, October 05, 2000.

Regarding surveys---I do or don't participate in them based on the purpose and for that matter, on the information asked. The most bizarre one I can remember taking part in, though, had to do with my home county (not where I currently live). The caller wanted to know if I thought crime or water pollution was the larger problem in the county. Since at that time we had 37 people on the state's death row, and not a drop of dirty water to be found, guess which one I picked!

-- Becky (, October 05, 2000.

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