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Hello everyone;

I want to know if anyone of you here have dealing with the Amoisonic VCD recorder? I have talk to them a few time, and I was about to order this unit from them VDR2000. But what I want to know is that are they trustable? They want me to transfere money to them first and then they will ship me the product. I like this VDR2000 more than the Goterrapin which is very ugly look. Any input I would be very apreciated.....

-- Todd (, October 04, 2000


Hey Todd, i too was in touch with them ans was asked on a few ocassions would features i would like to see in the machine. they were supposed to notify me when it became available but never did. i have also lost their url could you send me their url or post it here?

-- Doug (, October 04, 2000.

Hi Todd,

I would also like to buy a VDR2000 right now but just do not know whom to talk to in the U.S. Do you mind give me the U.S. dealer contact information to me?

Thanks, Collin

-- Collin Chan (, October 22, 2000.

Plse check best rgds!

-- mark ederveen (, November 30, 2000.

they look OK....

and the machines are A'

-- Petros (, December 04, 2000.

Hey guys, There is auction for this item on Ebay.

Cost is over $500.00 but MSRP is $299.00, check out company history and article: sc.htm

I would like to get one if it will actually work and not fail. Also would like know someone who actually has one and are pleased.

The previous link to Data Video is for the VDR1000 not the 2000.

Hope to hear from someone soon.

PS: These devices are limited to a maximum of 74 min. record time as they use CDR/CDWR discs. Can't really fit a movie on 1 disc. I don't know.

-- J. (, December 27, 2000.

has anyone purchased this unit yet? if so where and price thank you,Walter

-- walter jones (, December 28, 2000.

their is a vcd recorder made by kentroincs called 'deja view' supposedly this machine converts vhs movies into vcds using cdr media. this master copy can then be burned using eazy cd creater w/o having to go through the av1 or mpeg downloading

-- marcus johnson (, April 11, 2001.

I just wrote up a very detailed review about the Amoisonic VDR2000. Check out the Video Disc Recorders section at

-- Nicolas Borrell (, October 07, 2001.

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