Who's Kim Byrne

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see subject (sorry typo)

-- Wes Stoehr (thestoehrs@hotmail.com), October 04, 2000


kim byrne is a 'sex in the city' type vixen. she prides herself in selecting complete strangers to accompany her home to her boudoir in the early hours of the morning. she delights in dominating and controling men and naming them by there place of origin. besides all of this she is a sweet girl. she enjoys meditating by the light of her candle light room and smoking copius amounts of ganja. she considers herself something of an expert on day time soaps like Sunset beach and the bold and the beautiful. her greatest ambition is to some day appear on Jerry Springer and she also has plans to become a famous pop star. she is currently writing an album with the lyrics dedicated to her favourite shags.

-- patricia (angelus2fast@yahoo.com), November 22, 2000.

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