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Hi, I'm having a slight problem getting Nero 5 to accept my MPEG's so I can make a VCD. I've checked out the FAQ's but can't find the answer there. The capure format that I'm using is; Video Format PAL(352 by 288) Image Format = YUV12, no compression, 25 fps. Audio format is PCM (uncompressed), 22,050 Hz 8 bit Mono. Then I'm encoding the AVI with an avi2vcd VCD MPEG encoder. An example of the captured AVI details are: Video format 352 x 288, 12 bits, 1720 frames,24.957 fps, 3740 KB/Sec, Raw 4:2:0 Then when I have encoded the AVI to MPEG format Nero 5 doesn't except it. Can someone please help this first timer out.

Thanks Paul

-- Paul Jones (, October 03, 2000


It isn't the format of your source AVI files as much as the specs of your MPEG files that are important in VCD creation. One can start with several different types of AVI with regards to resolution, frame rate, codec used, etc., but after they have been encoded, the resulting MPEG file should adhere to White Book specifications which is the requirement for VCD creation. Some of these specifications can be found in Nero help. Particular attention should be paid to frame rate, resolution, and audio characteristics. This is why to avoid inputting errors with these parameters ourselves in certain s/w encoders (Panasonic and TMPGenc, for example) VCD templates are already present so that pre-defined values ensure that the resulting MPEG file is VCD White Book compliant. Does the encoder you're using have VCD templates and did you use these? You can also open your created MPEG file with certain s/w players (Xing and Windows Media Player, for example) and find out the properties of the file. Do they in fact match White Book specs??

-- Mehmet Tekdemir (, October 04, 2000.

Read the section about NERO. It will solve your problem.

-- Billy, boy, boy, boy (, October 04, 2000.

Nero will allow anything that is mpeg1 to be made into VCD by simply answer to the question that it asked you when you drag and drop the clip into its VCD window: TURN OFF VCD2.0 COMPLIANT FORMAT. As long as your clip is mpeg1, then NERO will burn it for you. Now playing it is another story....Your description of the VCD clip is no where close to an mpeg1 file format! MPEG1 is 352x288 @ 25fps with video bitrate between 1120Kpbs to 1150Kpbs (compressed using mpeg1 format) and audio using mpeg1 layerII at 96Kpbs to 224Kpbs @ 44.1Khz in 16bit stereo (the 44.1Khz and 16bit stereo has to be present!). AVItoVCD is supposed to produce the standard VCD file with this description. What you are describing is the capture AVI file and not the VCD file. After you have encoded the AVI file to MPG file, right click on the MPG file and choose properties to see all of its description. You should be able to see the standard VCD file description there. Nero will be gladly to take the MPG file....

-- lnguyen (, October 05, 2000.

Here's the latest.

I went to the site and downloaded the test VCD file then tried that in Nero. It still didn't accept it. Maybe I just don't understand where I'm supposed to drag it to. I drag the file over to the RED folders VCD, MPEGAV, etc. Is this correct or is there another VCD window?

Please help.

Thanks Paul

-- Paul Jones (, October 05, 2000.

Here's the latest, I got it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was trying to put it in the wrong place. I tried there earlier but it didn't do anything. I feel like a goose. Ohwell, Thanks for you help anyway.

Thanks Paul

-- Paul Jones (, October 05, 2000.

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