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Hope someone can help on this, or let me know the reason.

I open the top deck of T3, adjusted the string, and "zero" the meter. It was fine and I thought a good job. But, after I put back the top cover, the needle pointed to about one stop lower than the zero position (the zeroing procedure was according the manual). So, do it again, once I open the top cover, zero is ok without further adjustment. I think I might be able to get around by setting zero to one stop higher, then when putting back the cover it would be right on the zero. However, I doubt maybe something more serious or some interesting info I can learn from you.

I did this calibration by adjusting the screw right behind the meter coil. Konica had this very interesting string mechanism, up to T3 and TC had electrical link, to couple the lens, film speed, shutter speed, and light metering. The "zero" is to uncouple the lens related compensation.

I wonder if I have a short circuit or leak thru the cover, or bad ground contact. The meter otherwise functions very well with consistent response for shutter settings or light change.

-- Anonymous, October 03, 2000

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