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Rubber bullets, teargas and fire cranes were
used last weekend, as the Spanish government
mobilised large contingents of police against
groups protesting at increased fuel costs.
Scores of demonstrators were injured and
several arrests were made.

. . .

In Lirida, 3,000 farmers kept the access to the
fuel distributor, Compaqma Logmstica de
Hidrocarburos, blocked with 1,000 tractors. In El
Puerto de Santa Marma (Cadiz) fishermen cut the
traffic by lighting fires on the road. Fishermen
in Malaga prevented the unloading of fish and its
distribution to markets and restaurants, many of
which were forced to close down. Ports in
Cartagena and Escombreras were being blocked and
fishermen from Granada spent the night in the
harbours to prevent oil tanker ships unloading
their cargo.


-- spider (, October 03, 2000

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