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Using Beanie Babies as manipulatives, incorporate them into a math lesson plan. How would you start and what results do you expect? The lesson plan is to be used for children of elementary school age, 5-11 years o

-- Anonymous, October 02, 2000


Beanie babies can be usas a manipulative in a lesson plan by grouping the Babies by color , size and price. Also age. You will collect all the Babies in a group and divided them by the number of children in class. You can also talk about how they feel when you touch them. All bennie babies are not the same age . You can also put images of Bennie babies on the computer.i

-- Anonymous, October 03, 2000

I would start the lesson with all the children taking out their babies and putting them on their desk. I would then go to each child and put a sticker on their babies with the childs name on so that no problems occur afterwards. I would then show the children a baby with two legs and then with four. After repeating this instruct for awhile, I would ask them to put them into two groups; two vs. four legs. I would then ask each child individually to show the class the baby and to tell us if it had two or four legs. After all the children were asked, I would then ask each child to bring the babies to the front and place them in the appropriate basket. After the children accomplished this task, I would ask the children to count with me, to see how many babies are in each basket. I would then write the results on the board and have the children copy the number on a piece of paper for practice.

-- Anonymous, October 03, 2000

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