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Any Omega enlarger owners out there using the D5 condenser lamp house who know how to actually use omega's metal "filter holder" bracket?:

It's a two piece over-lapping black flat metal bracket device measuring 6 1/2" by 6 1/4" The slightly larger piece has 6 short silver pin registers and the smaller piece fits inside and has corresponding holes which align with the pins. (when two pieces placed together, there's an internal opening appx. 4 3/4" by 4 3/4" wide.) Additionally, the filter holder has the following instructions printed on it: "Filter holder should only be used in position no.3. When condenser is in position no., 3, place filter holder on top of condenser".

I ordered it along with my Omega Pro lab II Variable Condenser enlarger, feeling it was necessary somehow to properly hold the 6" by 6" VC printing filters customarily used in the D5 head filter drawer. When I got it however, I couldn't figure how to use it or why it might be needed. First, it seems the print filters would have to be hole punched by hand to align the pins. Second, it seems possible to get by fine without the whole apparatus in the first place by placing bare print filters on top of the condenser lens.

Not wanting a perfectly good piece of gear to go unused, could any veteran Omega users out there tell me: First: under what conditions might this bracket be best utilized? Second: Which position in the condenser lamphouse filter drawer is "position no.3"? Is it the top most or bottom most slot?

I phoned Omega, and they weren't much help at all answering these two questions. Thanks in advance for your help. Andre

-- Andre Noble (, October 01, 2000


Try Harry Taylor at Classic Enlargers. He is "Mr. Omega enlarger", although he specializes in the D2/D3 series primarily. He has a web site: On the site he has a Help Forum. Why not pose your question there.

-- Greg Jones (, October 02, 2000.


I own this enlarger but have never seen, let alone used, the filter holder you're describing. I use the Ilford 6x6 filter set regularly without major difficulties but have wondered whether their durability would be affected by unsupported exposure to the lamp. Recently, as a result of concern for popping negs as a result of extended exposure times, I purchased a 6x6 piece of glass that I now insert into the housing either above or below the collimator (depending on 4x5 or 35mm). This glass not only absorbs a significant proportion of the heat before it reaches the negative, but it also gives me a platform on which to place the filter I'm using. I don't know whether this would solve your problem or not.


-- Robb Reed (, October 03, 2000.

Hi Andre,

I do have and use the filter holder on my Omega D5.

The correct filter size is 5x5 inches not 6x6.

If you want to check, cut a peace of paper to 5x5 inch size and try it in your filter holder. You will find that it will fit perfectly between the registration pins.

Once you have confirmed this, you could then trim your filters accordingly.

BTW, I use my filter holder to place my color printing filters. for B&W I still use the below the lens holder that came with my ilford VC filter set...

Good luck and happy printing,


-- Antonio Noriega (, October 13, 2000.

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