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I'm thinking of buying a Korona 5x7 camera at a good price/fair price and taking the jump into 5x7. I've tried 8x10 just didn't like it, everything too big to carry or use and heavy (love the film size and the contact is out of this world to look that) Have 4x5 (seems small), but I'm thinking that 5x7 is just right for me. Anyway does anybody have any experience using the Korona? What's it like? I just want to use it for b/w landscapes, not too far from the car. Your suggestions and comments are most welcome. Thanks in advance.

-- John Miller (vwbus1967@earthlink.net), October 01, 2000


A good Korona is especially nice for entry into the 5x7 format. Try to get one with double extension--this is a separate track that extends the bellows up to about 24". You will never regret having too much bellows. 4x5" reduction backs are available as well and this gives you a 4x5 with vast bellows draw. Some of the Korona's movement controls are geared, an expensive and rare engineering feature even on modern field view cameras. It folds into a compact package for travel and is reasonably easy to set up. A slight tune-up may be in order as all old wood fields tend to loosen up with use--tighten all wood screws and lub the moving parts. Weak points include a rather small lens board, 1/4" tripod mounting thread, and the limitation of short lenses to about 5" give or take. I have always installed a 3/8" tripod socket in old wooden cameras, just for peace of mind. These are great budget priced users and a lot of people like to refinish them because the wood is very pretty, but then you are reluctant to take them out to the canyons, rivers, and gorges and use them!!!!

-- C. W. Dean (cwdean@erols.com), October 01, 2000.

A wonderful camera. I used an 8x10 for many years that I used most of the time with a 5x7 back. A 5X7 recently passed through my hands - wonderful. I think most people who 'have' to have cameras such as Wisner/Canham/etc would do equal work with a Korona. Those are very fine cameras, but the increases in stability and movements probably aren't needed in 90% of shooting situations. And the increase in cost is never needed! As far as neg size is concerned, I like a 5x7 contact far more than a 4x5, and usually more than an 8x10. "But that's just my opinion; I may be wrong." (DM)

-- andy buck (buckwiet@yahoo.com), October 02, 2000.

I have a 5 x 7 and it is a great camera - I fine the movements to be intuitave, and get great satisfaction in producing an exceptional image with a camera clost to 100 years old.Be sure to get one with the rear extension rail. These cameras have all of the movements of their newer brothers without the expense.

-- Charles F. Barbour (chbarbour@sprintmail.com), October 05, 2000.

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