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I know probably almost everybody in here has read the new view camera mag and seen the wonderful photographs by wimberly. but what about the article about him? I am curious what others thought.-J

-- josh (, September 30, 2000


He probably spends too much time alone in the back of his VW van. Studies have shown that leads to 1) a crook in the neck, and 2) communing with crows and Ansel's ghost.

But as long as he continues to make good images, who cares?

Other photographers and other artists in general for that matter believe they have a spiritual or religious force controlling them. Hogwash in my opinion, but so what?

-- John Hennessy (, October 01, 2000.

Is there a place on the web where some of these beautiful photographs can be seen?

-- Paul Schilliger (, October 01, 2000.

I thought it was a nice article and I've always liked his images. I purchased one of his images through Lenswork's new program. Beautiful image of "Decending Angel." I like his printing style. I was intrigued by his philosophy of photography. I'd like to go shooting with him sometime. James

-- james (, October 01, 2000.

Please note that John Wimberly is one of the featured speakers at the View Camera Festival in Portland, Oregon next Thursday and Friday, Oct. 6th, 7th. See details in the previous post.

-- neil poulsen (, October 01, 2000.

try to this link to some pics: note I dont think JW intended them to be so warm in tone.-J

-- josh (, October 05, 2000.

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