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Simple question (I think). I have an original 4x5 #500 Polaroid film back in good working order (its nice to have something solid made out of metal). I have begun using type 55 positive/negative film, and of course in the field it is difficult to process the negative with the sodium sulfite solution and fix. It is also very cumbersom to try to hold the negs in water until I get home to process them.

I notice on my 500 back a metal latch at the bottom of the back and I am wondering if this will release the film packet so I can remove it without processing, then I could put it back in after I am home and processing normally. If I obviously could just try it to find out, but didn't want to waste a sheet of film if someone out there already knew the answer.

Has anyone tried this?

-- Steve Seitz (slseitz@bellatlantic.net), September 29, 2000


I got a 545i and I use the release button on location to process my film at home (when for some funny reason I dont feel like using REAL film!

-- Edgar1976 (edgar1976@hotmail.com), September 29, 2000.

yes you can but: First you have to take care the (my) 500 back don't stop the film cover when openning because the litle white heavy paper part near the metal locking part is not long enough (54 film). Second if the metal part is too closed the film don't lock in the back and if it is too opened the film don't unlock. Have good fun


-- AMANS Jean Philippe (J.P.Amans@opgc.univ-bpclermont.fr), October 02, 2000.

Hi Steve, The technical answer to your question is, no. The latching mechanism on the 500 holder is opposite the latch on the 545, the caps are profiled, or shaped to work in only the 545 and newer film holders. I too have 500 film holders and use lots of T-55 and not worth risking the film in it.


-- Bill Jefferson (jefferw@together.net), October 05, 2000.

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