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What is the role of the classroom teacher when the science cluster comes in once a week? I thought students were to receive 2-3 periods of science instruction.

-- Stacy Douglas (, September 29, 2000


First and foremost I would like to apologize for taking so long to respond. In the future I hope to expedite responses in a more timely manner. The role of the classroom teacher is to inform the teacher of what he/she is currently teaching in science and what topics or areas he/she would like to have the cluster teacher reinforce. Teaching science with a cluster teacher coming into the classroom must be a joint effort. There needs to be mutual planning, good communication among the teachers, tolerance, patience, support and understanding for each others needs. The classroom teacher must help the students to follow the same procedures they use when doing Science with the classroom teacher and transition from one teacher to another in an organized and respectful manner. Students are suppose to receive 2-3 periods of science. However, it is not always done by the same teacher. What I have explained is an ideal situation. It seldom works like this. Classroom teachers often display very little respect towards the cluster teachers and do very little to support them. This is a realistically point of view. I hope this has answered your question.

-- Candida Frith (, October 16, 2000.

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