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I had a long chat with someone the other day who is a great believer in homeopathic treatment. I was wondering how many of you also prefer `natural` remedies, and what your vets think about it. (:o)

-- Anonymous, September 29, 2000


Okay - no takers on this one either! Well, my worry about homeopathic remedies is as follows:

I know several people who seldom go to their vets, and treat their animals themselves. Marvellous idea if you have the knowledge to do it! I fear that too many people will simply buy a book on the subject and think that that will give them the required skills. Not so I`m afraid. It takes years to master the art - I know because my mother in law studied the subject.

Personally, I think anything that is a `natural` remedy is much more desireable than chemicals, but there are occasions when a consultation with your vet should be the FIRST course of action - rather that self diagnosis. In fact, my vet is very open minded on the subject, and we do have a specialist in homeopathy to be referred to if we wish.

-- Anonymous, October 06, 2000

Hi Roz and everybody else out there, I have the same opinion like you with the homeopathic medicine. I am lucky to have a homepathic vet near by. But he is so busy that I do not like to visit him very often. But for small problems with the dogs I choose the medication myself now. I found some very good books about homepathic treatments. One is called Homvopatische Therapie for dogs from Petra Stein. Did you get any of the books about the skinproblems?

-- Anonymous, October 07, 2000

Elisabeth, no I haven`t found the books yet. But suprise, suprise - after a really bad month last month with his skin - suddenly, without doing anything different, it has calmed down again! My vet, after another long discussion about the possibilities, is convinced that it isn`t anything sinister, but that he simply has sensitive skin which is aggravated by many things! I don`t know whether to be pleased or not! (:o|

-- Anonymous, October 08, 2000

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