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Question from Group2-Do you think that computers should be use in the earlier grades, before most childern have learned the basic rules and concepts of what education is and have developed a learning system of their own?

-- Anonymous, September 28, 2000


I believe that computers should be used in the earlier grades. Computers can be used as learning environments to help students learn content and problem-solving skills, as tools to help students and teachers with such tasks as word processing, and as a tutor. Computer games encourage learning and problem solving through motivating activities that resemble video games.

Computers and other technology can support learning for disabled students so that disabilities are less handicapping. Computers have improved the education of exceptional children in countless ways. For students who require small steps and many repetitions to learn a new concept, computers are the perfect patient tutors, repeating steps and lessons as many times as necessary. A well-designed computer instructional program is engaging and interactive-two important qualities for students with problems paying attention or with a history of failure that has eroded motivation. For example, a math or spelling program might use images, sounds and gamelike features to maintain the attention of a student with an attention- deficit disorder. Students who have trouble reading can use programs that will "speak" a word for them if they touch the unknown word with a light pen or the cursor. With this immediate access to help, the students are much more likely to get the reading practice they need to prevent falling further and further behind. Also, for the learning-disabled student whose writing can't be read, word processors produce perfect penmanship so the ideas can finally get on paper. Once the ideas are on paper, the student can reorganize and improve the writing without the agony of rewriting by hand.

In my opinion, one of the most important benefits of computers is the variety of ways that they can be used to encourage children to develop different skills at different times.

-- Anonymous, September 30, 2000

I believe that technology should be a part of a childs life as soon as possible. I think that the sooner a child comes in contact with a computer, the sooner that child will be comfortable with it. Technology is an incredible tool, and one that all children need access to. If we do not put computers in the classroom, certain students will be at a disadvantage. All students need to have access to technology at an early age, this includes the students who do not have a computer at home. All classrooms should be equipt with computers from pre-K and on.

-- Anonymous, October 01, 2000

I believe that the earlier children are exposed to computers the quicker they learn the basics. Just like with everything else, for instance reading, language to name a few they learn to recognize and memorize where after a while it becomes natural to them

-- Anonymous, October 03, 2000

Yes! I do think that computers should be used in the early grades. Children absorb every thing we teach them, therefore we should incorporate computers in their learning process at a very young age. The computers should be used as an education tool the same way they use crayons when learning how to draw. This way by the time they are older (like us) they will not see computers as a new language.

-- Anonymous, October 03, 2000

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