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I have access to a JOBO CPP processor and would like to know how others are using this machine. I'll be using TMAX 100 with TMAX RS developer. I can't seem to find any accurate guidelines regarding temperature, the length of time in the developer for normal, N-1, and N+1 development.

What I plan to do is diluting TMAX RS to 1:9 and develope the film at 75 degrees for 11 minutes for normal contrast. I'm curious on what others have found. Thanks.

-- Cal Eng (, September 28, 2000


I use the cpp and love it .I primarily shoot tmax 100 and use tmax rs at 75 degrees at 1:9.My times are 8 min. for normal,and 6.5 min.( n- 1),10.5 min.( n+1) hope that helps.

-- Emerald Estock (, September 28, 2000.

Try Kodak's technical publication site for T-MAX 100; it lists instructions for rotary processing. (I can't testify to the accuracy of their instructions.) ntents.shtml

-- Jamal Morris (, September 29, 2000.

I just recently got a cpp2 and have found that 11 min is a bit too much for normal. Ironically 11min is exactly what I use with my Unicolor drums but they rotate slower. I've found that around 9 min gives pretty close to a normal neg with all else the same.

-- Tony Mastres (, November 16, 2000.

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