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I am looking for a good lab in Salt Lake City to process 8x10 provia. Any suggestions?

TIA, Mark Audas

-- Mark Audas (, September 27, 2000


If quality is paramount, go to Masterlab. Their clip marks do not encroach the image area, and they handle your chromes with gloves. But they are slower and more expensive than the alternatives, which are: Creative Color, Replicolor, and Borge Andersen.

-- Stewart Ethier (, September 27, 2000.

Creative Color runs fuji chemistry and Borge Andersen and Associates run Kodak chemistry. Both are full service pro labs. Both can do E-6 with quick turnaround. Both are in the downtown Salt Lake City area. After these two you can try Master Lab. After that the quality and servicd both fall off a bit.

-- Dan Smith (, September 27, 2000.

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