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I am an education major at Texas Women's University. I am taking an advanced writing class and required to write a paper about how others view education. I would like to know how you define a good education? You may remain anonymous or you can provide your name with your respose. I would appreciate it if you could provide your title; teacher, parent, educator, etc. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated and will help me prepare for my project. Thank You, Tina Luxenberg

-- tina luxenberg (, September 27, 2000


A good education is one that provides one with sufficient knowledge and means to cope with his present and actual needs or future needs. Getting an education may be formal and informal; may be specific or general. A good education develops the person either totally or partially in terms of subjects or topics. Education may be total or partial, specific or general. At times, specialized education is sought in order to acquire better skills and thus makes the person more effective, knowledgeable and affords better opportunity. Education connotes knowledge and intelligence. It equates to money, honor and fame. With a good education, one can have better opportunities in life and in the business world. A good education makes a well-rounded person. However, not everyone has the ability and capacity to get a good education.

They say education is a continuing process in man. As one grows in years ones treasury of knowledge is enhaced and improved thorugh the constant mingling and interaction with other persons. One's abiltiy to absob is limited only by his capacity to learn and assimilate the various stimuli and situations in life.

-- Conrado Dela Cruz Aguilar (, May 24, 2001.

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