Long awaited MP3 files!!!

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Thank you so much for posting Bruce's live MP3s. Prior to this year, when I found your site and Bruuce.com, I didn't realize he had this many live concerts out there (especially in the hands of the fans). It's great to be able to download these concerts, because there is a lot of great music out there that we wouldn't otherwise be lucky enough to hear. Glad to see Bruce is ok with that.

Thanks again. I hope you continue to update your site at least once a month or every few weeks. I appreciate you taking the time.

Jeremy Pittsburgh, PA

-- Jeremy Barnard (jbeagle@alltel.net), September 27, 2000



Hi Jeremy-

Thanks for the message! I'm glad you're enjoying the MP3s. I had been promising to put them up for a long time, as I'm sure you know, but have been having a tough time finding server space. I'm still struggling to find places to put these files (as well as time to put them there), but bear with me and I think I will eventually have a nice collection up.

I certainly agree that we should all be grateful to Bruce for being so great in allowing people to tape his shows and to allowing the distribution of his live stuff both off and on the Internet. This goes out to everyone who downloads a single MP3 of Bruce's live stuff, here or elsewhere: BUY ALL OF BRUCE'S ALBUMS/MEMORABILLIA NOW! This is the only way we can show our support of his open taping policy and we owe it to him after over a decade of great treatment.


-- Miguel (miguel@brucehornsby.net), September 27, 2000.

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