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Hello, After relocating to the distant woods and living in a large 5th wheel trailer, often confronted with primary darkroom questions:Building a mini-darkroom in a extra closet/washroom strickly for processing/proofing B & W and loading/unloading holders, yet still in need of sending color to a quality lab for processing/proofing/printing. I do not print my own 16x20s or 20x24s, but have them ordered when visiting previous home of Portland, Oregon. The last few prints were UPSed back to my nest in the woods. Since now distance is a norm, is there a lab somewhere in the US, preferably on the West Coast, that is reasonably priced, does excellent work, and is comfortable and experienced in shipping to outside photographers. Also, ever tried building a mini-darkroom in a 30" x 28" watercloset?

-- Gary Albertson (garyalb@outlawnet.com), September 27, 2000


Sorry I don't have a clue about the Mail question, but I have a suggestion that may be of some use (possibly) see if you can buy/build a tent specially for darkroom use. As if I remember correctly Francis Firth used on, as did many other plate camera users at the turn of the century, for preparing their albumen based negs. As for the mailing of negatives I can only guess that any halfway decent pro lab should be happy with your arrangement.

-- David Kirk (david_j_kirk@hotmail.com), September 27, 2000.

I've had good luck with The Photo Factory in San Diego www.photofactory.com and San Miguel Lab in Los Vegas NM www.bestlab.com for my specialty work. Negatives are clean and spot free.

-- Bill Mitchell (bmitch@home.com), September 27, 2000.

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