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Hello all;

Recently, I have just purchase this DVraptor capture board. It work fine but when I tried to encode a VCD format under panasonic encoder and tried to use the Nero to burn-in then the Nero would not recognize. I just ignor the error message anyway and burn it into a CD then I tried to play. It blocky picture don't see anything and the sound is choppy. I wanted to know if anyone here would know how to fix this problem? Another thing is I would to know if DV capture file could encode a VCD? I have used this panasic to encode the VCD with Miro dc30 before and it worked very slick.... Please help me if you have any idea....


-- Todd (, September 27, 2000


I'm aware DVRaptor by default uses the H/W codec inside your DV/D8 camcorder to overlay analogue video using video out to monitor exactly what it is that you are capturing/editing. Limitations imposed by slow system processors are sidestepped this way because DV- AVI processing IS very resource hungry. To encode to MPEG, on the other hand, that camcorder internal H/W encoder which was so useful earlier can't be now; a S/W DV-AVI codec has to be installed in your PC. DVRaptor has a unique type-2 S/W codec of its own; did this get installed? If not, by default again, Windows 98 has type-1 DV codecs which that version of Panasonic may or may not accept amicably and could be producing the artifacts you see in your final MPEG. Another way around this (providing again you have the appropriate type-2 DV codec installed) is if your DVRaptor installation is around Premiere then you get a Panasonic plug-in so you can export your timeline contents directly to an MPEG file. Nero doesn't recognize the audio type produced by Panasonic (ch1+ch2); it wants stereo. No difference between the two except their labels in some header, and ignoring Nero's warning and burning creates OK VCD anyway; this has little to do with your blockiness problem.

-- Mehmet Tekdemir (, September 28, 2000.

Mehmet Tekdemir;

Thank you for your input, But I still do not get what you have described. Please give me more detail to the point. I have done this VCD encoder before and it work just fine with Miro DC30. I have install all the neccessary software that came with the DVraptor board. I use the premiere and panasonic plug-in, I did not get any error message when i encoded but when I tried to burn to CD using Nero then the error message came.


-- Todd (, September 28, 2000.

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