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Right then you bunch of whining old farts. Get your Arses into Aces High! I can hear you all going wtf is bloom on about Aces High, has he gone completly tonto?


It has a few problems, but at least it gets attention from the designers. Plus a good squad like ours will wipe the floor with the oposition. Its a pity to let the squad community slip just because IEN are crap! Trust me when you get over the initial this is not Warbirds attitude its great fun.

Macsters out there....get a proper computer! that includes you sliper you tart!

Oh by the I have had to change my id.....some scoundrell already has bloom....I am now "VoX" the mighty....I have a pair of underpants with t a big "S" on the front...picture not supplied.

Its like the main arena with pretty graphics....dont let me down...come join for the knights but will switch to the bishops when the squad gets in.

Cheers Bloom...........VoX..............Undies at the ready!

-- Colin Whelan (, September 27, 2000



Sorry, couldn't think of a subject line.

First they took my EZ mode away Then the Main Arena fell to bits I found refuge in the Sunday Evening Relaxed Realism arena where my frequent kills were credited to the Red Arrows even though I no longer seem to be a member.

Is Aces High WW2 or some cruddy biplane bash?

How do I get there?

What do I have to download?

Moggy 2 wings good - 4 wings bad (Except the Stearman I flew last weekend... But that's another story)

-- Mogs (, September 27, 2000.

Aces High

It's WW2


-- Bloom- (, September 28, 2000.

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