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Hi all I captured (dc30+)a 50sec movie with no compression encoded with avi2vcd and created VCD through ECD creator 4.01. Now I have all necessary files on the CD but it won't play automatically in my PC. I have Xing player and MPfull. I can manually play the .dat file. Do I need to create a autorun ? or it should work without it. Please help moman

-- moman (, September 26, 2000


I had the same problem. I went to the bathroom and the toilet lid wouldn't open. I had to open it!? And when I was finished poopin, my butt was dirty. I had to wipe it!? Then after I got up it didn't flush. I had to flush it!? So ya know what I did? =o) I went to and got an autorun file to put on my cd because I was a total rookie and had no idea my lazy but would actually have to click a play button! =o)

1 zICk pupIE but really, the link above will direct you to an autorun (autostart) file you can burn into your cd for your computer. When you play it on a set-top dvd it will just ignore the file, you will have to press play, unless your dvd player has an auto-start option.

-- Zick Pup (, September 26, 2000.

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